Tattoo Removals

NEWU WELLNESS CLINIC is Certified by UNDO for body tattoos, SMP and PMU removals.

Why choose UNDO®?

Estetique International has developed the ultimate range of products for individuals interested in removing or lightening permanent makeup, scalp micro pigmentation and small-medium sized body tattoos. The products contain safe and natural ingredients that are free from saline and harsh acids, and are therefore gentle on your skin.

What makes UNDO Non-Laser Tattoo Removal different from other systems?

It is made of natural ingredients. Most other tattoo removal methods utilize saline, acids, lasers, or other harmful chemicals. UNDO is made of natural ingredients and has gone through EU testing in a medical lab.

Our products are made of the highest quality natural ingredients in South Korea, the world leader in skincare and mask technologies.

“The technology and the ingredients behind Korean research and technology are hailed as the most innovative and advanced around, much more so than Western brands. They’re said to be around 12-14 years ahead of the U.S. in terms of skincare technology” – Grazia Magazine