Hair Rejuvenation Woodbury NY

Natural Hair restoration (this is not surgery) for Both Men and Woman

Most hair products fail by not taking a whole view of the person and understanding what is going on externally and internally. I am sure many of you reading this page have tried propecia, minoxidil and so called special shampoos.

Here are the facts:

  • Nothing is fool proof for everyone, no one will tell you this – I will!
  • As some claim to fix the issue, it’s a very small number it actually works on; because they are only going about it one way
  • Don’t wait till the issue becomes irreversible. Once your hair follicles are dead, they cannot be revived
  • Many treatments have unwanted side affects (allergic reactions, sexual inhibitors, scalp irritation)

Once you start losing your hair, the battle has started:

Either “DO” something about it, or ACCEPT getting thinning hair and/or going BALD…. Forever! 


What makes “NEWU” different?

  • Certified HAIR LOSS Specialist!!
  • Over 20 years nutritional consultation (Did you know doctors, in their entire time in medical school aren’t required to take 1 nutrition course)
  • I will tell you the truth about your hair loss
  • NEWU is living proof it works!


The Process!

  • Evaluation of Your Hair Loss Situation
  • Design a Program to Fit your Schedule and your Needs
  • All Methods are scientifically proven to strengthen the hair naturally
  • NO Drugs
  • NO Dreaded Side Effects
  • 100% your own HAIR

How can we do this?

  • NEWU takes a holistic approach to hair restoration. NEWU saturates the hair internally from the roots; and externally from the scalp. This simultaneously bombards the hairs follicles with nutrients. This process helps restore your hair while blocking the damage causing DHT hormone.


Some situations call for combining SMP with hair restoration to achieve your desired results.

Hair rejuvenation with SMP

Hair rejuvenation without SMP